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Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (A “NORC”) 

Sue Lantz contributed to the recent national report on the NORC model called, “It’s Time to Unleash the Power of Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities in Canada

TVO Agenda Episode – February 1, 2023 – What is a NORC and how older adults living in a community can collaborate and create partnerships for supports with aging in Place.  Finding Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities | TVO Today

For older adults interested in planning a NORC-based activities or supports for healthy aging in place, visit:

Aging Together as Community: Haliburton Highlands – visit this collaborative community group’s new Facebook page!  

Part 1: Podcast Interview of Sue Lantz with Madelaine Currelly – (September 2022) “Aging the New Reality”  Northumberland Radio (30 minutes) 

Northumberland 89.7 Radio Series – “Aging: A New Reality – Podcast Part 1 – September 2022

Part 2:  Podcast Interview of Sue Lantz with Madelaine Currelly – (September 2022) “Aging the New Reality – Northumberland Radio (30 minutes) 

Aging A New Reality: Sue Lantz Part 2 — Northumberland 89.7 FM (

Aging in Place, and the Options Open Guide featured in National Post Media Article (May 2022) on Longevity

AGING IN PLACE – EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION – (Fall 2022) Five Strategies for Successful Aging in Place” – 1 hour 

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) hosted by the TORONTO COUNCIL ON AGING

All Things Seniors Podcast: “Strategies for Connected Aging” – Host Rafiq Punjani -March 2021

Elder Files Podcast: Host Angela Bennett – February 2021

LifeSpeak Podcast with Marianne Wisenthal – January 2021

Heart-Centered Leadership Podcast | Episode 60: The Heart-Leading Concierge for the Aging Population on Podbean

TVO Agenda with Steve Paiken – Television interview with Zayna Khayat at SE Health about the “Future of Seniors Care”

The Future of Seniors Care


Seniors who own a home, are matched to university students who are seeking to rent a room. This model was initially developed as a pilot project for the City of Toronto’s Seniors Strategy 2.0.  With its success, this intergenerational home share model is now expanding to several cities across Canada!

Four women in Port Perry, Canada referred to as “The Golden Girls” decided to co-purchase and share a home to lower their costs while improving their quality of life together.    Golden Girls Port Perry            

An example of a terrific inter-generational program called “Bridging the Gap” that matches high school students with seniors to create their life stories while also building social connections and relationships too!

Some Policy Reports and Conference Talks

Caregiver Support Framework: A Planning tool designed for use by healthcare providers, in working with informal caregivers, to provide better supports Caregiver_Support_Framework_May_2018

Report to the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) on Aging in Place and Home Renovations/Modifications HMC Report CHBA 2018FINAL

Presentation – Envisioning Aging in Place – National Institute on Aging Conference – 2017 Sue-Lantz

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