Three old friends enjoying the sun on the steps using digital tablet technology

CA-logoCollaborative Aging is a modern perspective on aging. It is a mix of the best research about empowered and healthy aging (including wellness and prevention, healthcare innovation and technology, social connections,  accessible housing and supportive services, and age-friendly communities, financial management) and combines it with:

  • the idea of proactive planning, co-designing solutions, and reciprocity of relationships
  • getting the best advice and results from experts in healthcare, finances, housing and law, to inform our plans
  •  creating intentional neighborhoods and networks to meaningfully share or exchange resources – to either meet our needs, or offer needed help to others (which can be people of different ages and generations).

Have a look at the Top 10 Benefits of a collaborative lens on aging. The possibilities are endless within a collaborative model of organizing in a more cost-effective way.