Three old friends enjoying the sun on the steps using digital tablet technology

Collaborative Aging is proactive approach to aging. We help you envision your aging in place vision (or scenarios) to make the best choices and plans for healthy and empowered aging.

Your possibilities expand when you look at aging in a collaborative way.   You can:

  • work with others, to create informed plans for yourself and those you may seek help from (e.g. family and/or friends/neighbours)
  • become more intentional about researching housing choices and making timely decisions 
  • learn more co-creating new and appealing housing choices
  • explore your home care options and how to make these arrangements
  • seek the best expert advice to inform your plans – from trusted friends, family, or peers, or professional experts in healthcare, finances, housing and law.
  • build upon and expand your social relationships (e.g. neighbours, new friends, close friends, family, community)
  • explore resourceful models of sharing or services or resources (e.g. Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities) 
  • effectively use technologies to get the best results with your health, and thrive within the places where you live, and communities you belong to. 

Check out the Top 10 Benefits of taking a collaborative approach to aging. Our team helps you to use your 60s and 70s to creatively plan for your 80s (or 90s!)