With the increasing number of aging boomers in their 60s and early 70s, there is a choice to made about our futures.  We can either wait for a crisis situation – when the choices are costly and limited, OR proactively plan for the best possible aging journey.  

Collaborative Aging helps boomers take a proactive approach to the future – to ensure the most healthy and socially connected aging experience.  

Educational Workshops 

Our workshops focus on aging boomers and caregivers to help them become informed and situate themselves for the best experience possible.  Participants learn about:

  • housing choices and options (both rental, ownership)
  • how to develop caregiving plans
  • financial and legal planning plans
  • creating a partnership with healthcare professionals to manage their health conditions and navigate healthcare choices
  • the importance of giving and receiving help including contributing to the community.

Our educational workshops are sought out by academic organizations, healthcare settings, community planners, faith-based groups, businesses and youth-oriented groups.  We work collaboratively with various client organizations to deliver customized educational workshops, based on audience needs.

Speaking Engagements

Sue Lantz, Managing Director of Collaborative Aging, is a regular speaker and/or panelist at conferences and community events.  She connects with audiences and brings a powerful message about the value of thinking ahead.  Sue takes the complex topics of aging, and helps simplify  and animate ideas.  She helps people see how their individual actions and decisions can create a better aging experience.

Sue is a known expert on various aspects of healthy aging, including the latest innovative housing options (e.g. co-housing, home sharing, co-living) and she is passionate about “senior-led” housing design. Sue also speaks about neighborhood-based models that engender a  more intergenerational relationships, and mitigate financial risks and social risks (e.g. isolation).  She also speaks about age-friendly planning models that can enable seniors to live in accessible, affordable housing within walkable neighborhoods.

Sue is a passionate advocate for strategies that improve the experience of family/friend caregivers – as they balance their own lives and health- with their caregiving responsibilities.  She speaks in workplaces and at conferences about the importance of seeking help as a caregiver – for self-care, and also navigating on behalf of the person they are caring for.

Sue speaks with a range of audiences including financial planners, healthcare clinicians, city planners, architects and home builders, home care businesses, volunteer groups, charities and students.  Sue illustrates the benefits of working alongside aging boomers to create a wider range of housing, healthcare and technology innovations that results in the most healthy ways to age in place.

Stakeholder Consultation, Policy Strategy and Project Leadership

Our team leads aging related initiatives with various community organizations, healthcare providers and governments to:

  • Provide policy strategy advice, create policy papers and advocacy briefs to that inform planning  and implementation activities (e.g. Dementia Care Planning Report, Caregiver Support Framework)
  • Lead proactive and integrative projects that heighten the impacts of healthcare delivery, caregiver education and supports, and housing design
  • Lead stakeholder consultations and change management strategies for implementing person-centred initiatives or service delivery models
  • Design and implement inclusive and age-friendly and sustainable housing and community strategies.
  • Develop measurement and evaluation strategies for programs, services or initiatives.

 For more information contact Sue Lantz: