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 Consulting Services that We Provide:

1)Facilitation, Educational Sessions, Aging Planning 

Co-designing new services, projects or initiatives with a range of seniors, caregivers, professionals, healthcare clinicians, community planners, and levels of government and businesses.

Developing and delivering workshops or educational events including for older adults and caregivers.

Developing your own aging and caregiving plan.

Developing and implementing age-friendly community strategies.

2) Speaking Engagements 

Topics include: Boomers thinking ahead, personal planning strategies for healthy aging in place, collaborative models of aging, improving caregivers experiences, improving caregiver supports within workplaces and healthcare delivery, understanding navigation and choices (e.g. housing, the health system and self-navigation),  collaborative technology platforms that can enable healthy aging, co-housing planning,  age-friendly communities, home modifications for aging in place, the value of social connections for older adults and caregivers.

3) Project Planning and Leadership, and Policy Strategy

Working with aging related associations and organizations, healthcare providers and governments to:

  • Provide policy strategy advice, including creating policy and advocacy briefs and papers to inform planning and decision making
  • Lead proactive and integrative projects that heighten the impacts of healthcare delivery, caregiver education and supports, housing and community service delivery.
  • Develop project concepts and strategies, oversee project design and planning stages, prepare proposals and project plans, and change management strategies for implementing projects.
  • Develop measurement and evaluation strategies for programs, services or initiatives.

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