Join our lively and informative workshops!  Through presentations, self-reflection tools, resource materials, and facilitated group conversations, participants come away with a systematic way to think about their future.  At the same time, groups share in the fun of exploring new ideas and options, while making some key action plans!

We offer four types of workshops: 

  • Conversational Style: Interactive Sessions with Groups of 8-10 people
  • Webinar or In-Person Presentations: Overview of the Key Concepts in the Options Open Guide 
  • Five-Part Set of Workshops: In-depth workshops on each of the “Five-Strategy Framework” topics
  • Customized Workshops on a specific topic, tailored to a specific audience (e.g. housing options or balanced caregiving )

Workshop participants learn how to apply the five-strategies to their own circumstances, based on their preferences, values, and unique risks or considerations.   

Our team partners with businesses, charities, book clubs, community groups, and Employee Assistance Plans and advocacy groups to host workshops in various settings.  To arrange a workshop for your group, please reach out to Sue Lantz, Managing Director at: 

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