sue-red-shotSue Lantz, B.A. M.P.A, Founder and Managing Director

I am a boomer who is hoping to live a long and healthy life. Throughout my professional life, I have helped to organize home care, create supportive housing, improve how healthcare services are delivered, and support families who often find themselves in a crisis situation. My passion is sharing my healthcare, housing, and caregiving expertise in a way that helps my peers (fellow boomers) and those who will be supporting them, to envision their best possible aging experience.  For Sue’s bio: Sue_Lantz_BIO_2018

Our Forward Looking Focus

Collaborative Aging offers educational and consulting services to help individuals, families, communities, charities, faith-based groups to prepare the way for healthy, empowered aging in thriving communities.  We can help you to discover your own unique ways of leading your planning- while working with others – to shape your own aging experience in the community.

Collaborative Aging helps you look forward and make your plans in ways that solve or prevent problems before they arise.  We help you identify your key risks and take actions to reduce these risks, prevent hardships.  We also help individuals and groups generate more creative, community-led housing and neighbour-based supports and care options!

Our team also contributes to the service navigation, design, and policies for housing design, and home and community care service delivery. Our goal is to support various delivery organizations (e.g. charities, businesses, housing operators, levels of government) to provide you with the most safe and enabling settings, services, and social connections for inclusive aging in place.

How We Can Help

  • The Options Open Guidebook is a workbook style guide to help older adults (in their 50s, 60s or 70s) and their friends and families (also called “caregivers” ) to “jump start” their planning process in a more systematic way, with the right tools, information mindset, and access to experts. (available via ibooks or at:
  • Facilitated Workshops/Discussion Groups about aging plans, choices and various options that best suit participant’s goals and circumstances.
  • Policy Research, Advice and Consulting Services including stakeholder consultations and applied design research.  The type of policy research we do aims at generating more simple, “ahead of the curve” and resourceful (e.g. less costly) ways to meet the current and future housing and healthcare needs of seniors
  • Public Speaking at conferences and learning events to share our insights about the future of aging, housing, caregiving and healthcare
  • Co-Design Facilitation with seniors, caregivers, communities and healthcare providers and housing developers and technology companies co-create new opportunities and solutions for the risks and challenges of aging.

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