Group of senior men knitting togetherThe Top 10 Reasons to proactively and collaborative plan aging:

Benefits to Boomers and Our Caregivers

  • It will save us time and money – to arrange practical ways of situating ourselves and meeting our needs
  • We create more certainty and control for ourselves, which maintains our confidence as we age
  • We can generate new and more customized housing and care options that otherwise might not be possible!
  • We can safeguard ourselves against the expected vulnerabilities of aging and caregiving (e.g. moving in a crisis, financial abuse, inaccessible home,  challenges with arranging needed safety or home care services)
  • We increase our social connections and access to resources through our networks and choices

   Benefits to our Neighborhoods and Towns

  • Our homes and communities can be designed more inclusively, and be ready for an aging population
  • Our models of living can foster more social interaction and relationships across generations.
  • Our neighborhoods can foster supportive social and caregiving networks.

    Benefits to Organizations working with Seniors and Caregivers

  • Healthcare provider organizations focus more upon systems to help share clinical information more efficiently with patients and bring caregivers more fully “into the circle of care”
  • Clinicians can help seniors (and their caregivers) to better self-manage and reduce risks of health conditions,
  • Clinicians will have tools to function as a cohesive health care team
  • Housing developers can develop more innovative solutions for aging boomers based on their identified preference, needs and a co-design process
  • Organizations can use the latest technology resources, including “shared platforms” for organizing delivery of the right types of services to older adult customers (and their caregivers).