Over the last year, our team at Collaborative Aging has been holding various types of virtual workshops and seminars about the Options Open guide. Our small group conversational workshops held in North America have been really well received. A couple of testimonials:

“I think this workshop is fantastic, and would definitely be of interest to many people!
The smaller group provides an opportunity to have the first real conversation about crucial life decisions. I can see that people (like me) really want to learn and talk about these important topics– and they’re delighted that you are creating a forum and a structure for these valuable conversations.”

“ I found the workshop to be a meaningful orientation on how to use the guide. I initially wondered if my husband and I were prepared for our retirement. Yet, the interactive format of the workshop was so conducive to breaking down that barrier. The workshop made me feel more confident because I heard people from outside my circle are finding and living different solutions. I realized that I too can plan ahead and problem solve, in ways that work best for me and my family.”


When it comes to aging, most of us prefer to avoid the whole topic.

Yet, when a group of people get together to talk about their visions, fears and priorities, based on the concepts in the Options Open Guide, some magic starts to happen.

More ideas start flowing, and people start sharing their dilemmas, questions, ideas and considerations. As the conversation unfolds, participants are opening up their thinking, exchanging resources and solutions. Participants become more confident about applying the five strategies to their own lives. The possible scenarios and transitions also start to become either more manageable, and in many cases, predictable risks become preventable.

Let’s keep the conversations going to shape our action plans and options. This will expand the choices for healthy and socially connected aging in place…